APD - Physical Damage Claims

ACM uses the latest in computerized estimating systems to accurately appraise the damage to the vehicles.  

Using Mitchell International's® UltraMate 5.0, the appraisers are able to quickly create a complete estimate of the damages and return the claim to you in a professional, finished format. In the case of any supplemental damage, the appraisers can recall the estimate on UltraMate and produce a supplement that will detail the original and new damage. We are currently interfacing with clients using CCC Autoverse, Scene Access, and Process Claims uploading platforms.

We also use digital cameras for vehicle photographs. This allows the appraisers to reproduce the photos at a later time, if necessary. If your company is working toward a paperless office, we have the ability to transmit the estimate and photographs electronically directly to your company.

Our appraisers follow a guideline of 24-48-72: Contact the owner in 24 hours, inspect the loss in 48 hours, and have a final product to the client in 72 hours. We can customize the procedures to best fit your company's needs. The files are then faxed to you and a hard copy with the photos is sent via mail to your claims department.