Transportation Claims

ACM adjusters have trucking company experience with our veteran adjusters having worked for large trucking companies, transportation TPA’s, and truck insurance companies. We know what to do when the call comes. We assign only veteran adjusters to investigate and handle these losses.

Make one call, day or night. When the phone rings one of our veteran adjusters will be on the line and ready to assist you 24/7/365 days a week.

Our adjusters know how important it is for you to be "represented" when an accident occurs. Because of this and our knowledge of Midwestern cities, counties, and major highways, the adjuster who answers your call will dispatch our closest adjuster to the scene within 10 minutes. Our on scene personnel will call you from the accident location to provide a preliminary verbal report. You will then know exactly what to tell your driver and have the information you need to establish appropriate reserve amounts.

Recently, we have asked several clients what this service is worth. Here are just a few of the responses we received:

  • Invaluable.
  • Allowing only experienced adjusters on serious losses really does make a difference.
  • Our drivers are often put to ease when they know what time to expect the adjuster and will have the ability to speak with an adjuster while in route, if necessary.
  • Being able to talk to the adjuster on scene helps us activate our internal investigation sooner.
  • Money! Maybe thousands saved all because the claimant knows we care.